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 Rising Lucid

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Rising Lucid is a platform devoted to re-awakening humanity to our origins and purpose. We are dedicated to supporting the renewal and protection of diverse ‘ancestral technologies’ and creative traditions that connect us in reciprocal relationship to each other and to the Earth.


We believe that our diverse ancestral practices of songs, dances, crafts, stories, ceremonies and medicines hold the keys to understanding our ancient origins, our purpose and potential in this time of change, and the continued unfolding of human life and future generations on Planet Earth. We celebrate the Universal Essence of human creativity and expression within its amazing diversity of form.


Rising Lucid Journeys and retreats aim to support you to:


  • Awaken cellular memories and connect to the essence of you are and where you come from


  • Experience your true purpose, belonging and natural dignity of being


  • Live Embodiment 


  • Connect with the intelligence of Life and its cycles of growth and transformation


  • Practice reciprocal relationship 


  • Tap into your authentic creative power and SOURCE


  • Transcend personal limitation 


  • Practice the embodiment of Unity in spontaneous, harmonious expression


  • Bridge heaven and earth and bring Spirit into Form


  • To take your part within the great design and keep alive the great tapestry of life

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