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"When we return to Nature in her more ancient pristine ecosystems – Nature as Gaia – we also retrun to an intricate web of environmental relationships that our organisms coevolved with over millions of years. Once we return to that natural organic affiliation, our cells, tissues and whole organism begin to relax back into an ancient and deeply familiar relationship. The veneer of artificial contemporary living is quickly replaced by a great sense of relief and release. Our biology sings.”

- John P. Milton

Master Plant Dieta +Awakening journey of Voice and Breath Jan 4th - 22nd 2020 

A unique and powerful 18 day journey of touching the mystery!

Our journey begins with a 13 day Master Plant Dieta and culminates in a a special 5 day Vocal Journey retreat. From the space of deep listening and inner work of the dieta, the Vocal Journey of Awakening is an intimate continuation of the voyage. It is a time of transition for you to deepen, ground, and integrate the dieta. Come explore the powerful vessel of body, breath and voice as doors to presence, freedom and unity!

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