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More About Jessica


Jessica's passion for exploring the body as a vessel for Spirit has led her on a deep and varied journey of study.


She draws inspiration from her lifetime study of yoga, ritual and ecstatic dance such as Capoeira, dances of the African diaspora, Butoh, 5 Rhythms, as well as diverse indigenous traditions, songs and dances. She has studied voice and sound healing with the school of Yoga of the Voice (Vox Mundi Project), and the Authentic Voice (Sonido Sana). 


She has been privileged spend time with many indigenous nations and medicine carriers, learning firsthand about the function of of songs, dances, storytelling and ceremonies as ancestral tools for maintaining the balance of life.


She currently works closely with the Lopez Sanchez family, a highly respected family of Shipibo healers, at their family run center Niwe Rao Xobo, hosting and facilitating plant diets in the Peruvian Amazon.

As a teacher she brings to her work precision, clarity artistry, sensitivity, care and passion.


She created Rising Lucid with the inspiration of hosting, curating and co-creating experiences of deep exploration into the journey of being human, and the beautiful mystery of life.



"Jessica brings her gifts, cultivated over many years of medicine work, with beautiful intention and dedication. Jessica's gift of music and medicine is authentic, and she is clearly following her calling. Her generous and gentle spirit invited us each to drop into heart space and feel our own light."

Shawn, Bend, Oregon

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