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Master Plant Dieta + Vocal Journey of Awakening

in the Heart of the Amazon

Jan 4th - 17th 2020




Our journey begins with a 13 day Master Plant Dieta guided by Maestra Ynes and culminates in a a special 5 day Vocal Journey retreat with voice and movement facilitator Jessica Begin and Vocalist Tabea.


The dieta will support you to open to the world of the plants so that you can heal, gain insight and create a deep relationship with yourself and nature. From this space of deep listening and inner work, the Awakening Journey of Voice and Breath is an intimate continuation of the voyage. It is a time of transition for you to deepen, ground, and integrate the dieta. Come explore the powerful vessel of body, breath and voice as doors to presence, freedom and unity!


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The 13 day Master Plant Dieta includes:


5 Ayahuasca ceremonies

Daily Yoga classes

Pre-ceremony yoga and meditation

Group Shares

Personal one-on-one support from Jessica and the Maestros

Aromatic plant baths and vapor baths

personalized remedies for individual conditions

Post dieta integration support



The 5 day Vocal Journey of Awakening includes:


6 hours of vocal and movement journeys per day

1 closing Ayahuasca ceremony

Morning yoga classes

Post dieta integration support

3 post dieta friendly meals per day



More about the Dieta:


A master plant dieta is a rite of passage; a deep voyage of renewal and reconnection for those ready to confront both their inner light and shadows. 


Your dieta will unfold largely in isolation, working with a specific plant, identified as a master teacher and healer. It is a time to open the spaces of inner sensitivity which allow for the teachings, medicine and songs of the plants to come through.


Why Dieta + Vocal Journey?


A beautiful mystery is revealed in the practice of traditional Shipibo Master plant dietas: the common language between plants and humans is song. The medicine of the plants is revealed in song.


Our nature is music. The whole universe is vibration. The root of our existence, our breath, our heartbeat is pulse and tone. 


Your voice is the most intimate and direct bridge between the infinite and finite you, revealing the truth of each moment and exposing everything that might still stand in between you and total freedom. It is a pathway to awakening your true expression and power in unity with the divine.


Following the teachings of Voice and Breath Master Amit Carmeli, Tabea will guide you to ride on the medicine of Mama Music. For four and a half days we will dive into a deep journey of letting go, inner silencing, unity, simplicity, prayer and celebration.

Drawing from diverse movement, voice and sound healing modalities, Jessica will guide sessions to help you embody presence, deep listening, creativity and the use of sound to clear, restore and repair the energetic field.


Our journey takes place at renowned Shipibo healing center Niwe Rao Xobo, in the heart of the Amazon. You will be held in the masterful and compassionate care of Maestra Ynes, Maestra Laura, Maestro David, Maestro Isaias, dieta and voice facilitator Jessica Begin and vocalist Tabea. 


Learn more about Niwe Rao Xobo:


Final contribution to be confirmed soon (depending on how many maestros will be present)


$200 Earlybird discount until Oct 15th!


Price range before Oct 15th: between $2000 and $2300

Price range after Oct 15th: between $2200 and $2500


For more info and to register e-mail:




Maestra Ynes is the beating heart of our Niwe Rao Xobo. Coming from an ancient lineage of healers extending back 200+ years, Ynes is one of the last female healers in the region that can heal on the highest spiritual level (Onanya) in the Shipibo healing cosmology.


A healer of her caliber will have dieted the most powerful master plants for years at a time. Some of Ynes' longest dietas have extended two years where she had to follow strict restrictions on food and human interaction. Over the past 55 years, she has dieted in the jungle on numerous occasions in complete isolation.


Having apprenticed under her great-uncle, great-grandfather, and grandfather, among other healers in her family, Maestra Ynes is a highly regarded as a powerful lady of light and a loving matriarch in her family. 


"Tabea takes you on a journey that leads you back to your own musicality. Working with Tabea and the tribe reminded me how satisfying, freeing, but mostly how simple singing can be. 


'Enjoy the inhale. What happens on the exhale is none of your business. You just let go.‘ "

- Petra Ball

Tabea is a vocalist, composer and teacher, who dedicates her voice and life to awakening, freedom, love and truth.


She studied classical voice in the USA, popular voice at the Conservatory in Germany as well as various vocal, acting, movement and healing techniques including: functional voice training (Reed, Rabine); Michael Checkhov Technique; Alexander Technique; Kundalini Yoga; Lighthealing and more.


She has had the honor of being a mentee of Amit Carmeli and his Wild Roots Vocal journey for 9 years, which has brought her on a deep healing and awakening journey with her voice, life and body. In cooperation with Carmeli, she is now leading her own journeys.


As an artist Tabea tours internationally with her projects: Tabeah, a cinematic post-rock large ensemble, her transcultural Ikatar Ensemble, which brings together different musicians from all over the world each year; Duo Nahira Ziwa, in which she and portugués Hang and frame drum player Nuno Moreno explore the music of the moment, Untouchable Voices, a social justice theater giving voice to the stories of the Untouchables in India, and with different theater groups from the UK, as well as musicians and bands from Brazil and Syria.


As a director she leads various intergenerational and intercultural choirs, orchestras and band projects, in different cities in Germany, creating spaces where people from very different backgrounds can meet and dismantle prejudices.




"Jessica brings her gifts, cultivated over many years of medicine work, with beautiful intention and dedication. Jessica's gift of music and medicine is authentic, and she is clearly following her calling. Her generous and gentle spirit invited us each to drop into heart space and feel our own light. Our group bonded deeply and we were all in touch with our inner child throughout the workshop. Each medicine work brought deeper connection to ourselves and each other. I left the retreat with a deeper connection to the medicine and my own call to sing. I would not hesitate to work with Jessica again."

- Shawn, Bend, Oregon

Jessica's passion for exploring the body as a vessel for Spirit has led her on a deep and varied journey of study. She draws great inspiration from her life-time study of yoga and of dance modalities and ritual forms such as Capoeira, dances of the African diaspora, Butoh, 5 Rhythms, as well as diverse indigenous traditions, songs and dances. She has studied voice and sound healing with the school of Yoga of the Voice (Vox Mundi Project), and the Authentic Voice (Sonido Sana).


Jessica has been deeply touched and forever transformed by her experiences of ceremonial practices of indigenous peoples across the Americas and the world. Over the years she has had the privilege of spending time with many indigenous nations and medicine carriers, learning firsthand about the function of of songs, dances, storytelling and ceremonies as ancestral tools for maintaining the balance of life.


She has been working with Ayahuasca for 10 years and facilitating and assisting Shipibo medicine retreats and diets for 5 years. currently works closely with the Lopez Sanchez family, a highly respected family of Shipibo healers, at their center, Niwe Rao Xobo, hosting and facilitating plant diets in the Peruvian Amazon.


Jessica’s greatest joy lies in assisting others to connect to their free and uninhibited capacity to express their deepest heart’s longing through voice and movement. As a teacher she brings to her work precision, clarity, artistry, sensitivity, care and passion.

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